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Friday, June 6, 2014

Where to search for JOB: Banaglore or Hyderabad ?

Getting a job after completing your graduation is tedious now days. But you need not to think more about where to search best matching jobs. 

We are compiling the list of best city to search Jobs and what you need to survive while staying in the city other than your home town.

Bangalore: Bangalore is nick named as silicon valley in India , a hub for IT engineers, job seekers , computer professionals , researchers.

Bangalore is the best city you will end up searching jobs in case if you started from somewhere else. Wonderful weather,  world class programmers, equally or highly qualified competitors adding more value in your job search.

List of things you need to take care while staying in Bangalore:

  1. Be patient enough at least until you get job, trust us if you really try , Bangalore will prove to be the city of your choice.
  2. Many Boy/Girl hostels/paying guest houses are available offering different different scheme making it a business .
    We suggest you to stay in Hostel rather than flat/ rented house because in hostel you will find people from different companies/city heading towards a single goal to get job.
    Lot of information you will get through you hostel mates only.
  3. Food is not a problem in Bangalore , many options are available true to North/South Indian tastes .
  4. Study hard, prepare good aptitude , be master in any of the programming language if you are looking for job in information technology domain.
  5. Bangalore has so many start up companies, if you get job in any of these companies never hesitate to accept the offer but check twice for companies authenticity. 

HyderabadHyderabad, an ancient city borne of mixed traditions and cultures, making Hyderabad one of India's premiere information technology and IT-enabled service hubs

Hyderabad is a best place to learn IT technologies say it Languages/Networking/Database/SAP or everything else you can name. 

  1. Hyderabad offers lot of job opportunities to experienced folks less to freshers. But those less opportunities are the one you are looking for.
  2. Food may be a problem for you in Hyderabad if you don't like south Indian foods. But give your job search /willingness to learn a priority over food .
  3. Best opportunity being in Hyderabad is you can learn as many technologies as you want along with your job search that too at very cheap price with best study content.

    Chennai, Pune, Gurgaon are also emerging IT cities but will take a while to compete in race.

    Choose the city wisely , give less priority to your comfort but learning, be patient , be skilled
We Diehardtechy team wish you get the best out of what you deserve. 

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