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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Top 5 websites to learn CORE Java

Hello Readers,

Java is an object oriented, high level, multi threaded, platform independent programming language.

Almost 1 billion devices in the world runs on Java.

Here I am compiling the list of Top 5 Web sites you should visit to learn Core-Java.

  1. -- Java is a SUN Microsoft system's product but Oracle owns it. Oracle provides step by step guide to learn Java. Learning Java from Oracle is tedious yet challenging.

  2. -- Rose India is an online portal to learn Java,  Rose India address the needs of Java learner from very scratch point. Rose India is older Java online portal also addressing the needs of your all java related FAQ's.

  3. --  Tutorials point provides tutorials of java starting from Introduction to advance level. The easy writing , simple codes, and better use of pictures stands Tutorials point as best Online portal.

  4. -- JavaTpoint provides easy and point to point learning of various technologies such as Java, Android, Design Pattern, JavaScript, AJAX etc. Java T point also provides tutorials relating all Java technologies. They also have different projects(already developed ) to help you during academics. 

  5. Java world [dot] com has a tag line learn java from ground. 
    An introduction to Java that will help Java newbies to become Java developers. A highly conceptualized online portal to help every Java newbies. 

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