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Monday, June 9, 2014

How to configure selenium webdriver-testNg project in Eclipse. (For Beginners )

Beginners Step to step guide on how to configure selenium webdriver-testNg project
in Eclipse IDE.

Step 1: Download  & Install Java in your machine.

Step 2: Download Eclipse  in your machine.

Step 3: Download the selenium related jar files in your machine. Click here to download.

Step:4 open eclipse.

Step 5: Go to Help-->Eclipse Marketplace. Following window will open.

Step 6: search for testNg plugin.

step 7: Click install.

It will take some time to install TestNg in your machine, after successful installation restart your eclipse.

Step 8: Create a simple Java project. (File-->New--Java project)

Step 9: Give it any name you want to give (for example seleniumTest ). Under src folder of your project create new package.(Right click src-->package ). Name it testDemo (You can use any name for your package)

After this, your project should look like this.

Step 10: Right click testDemo-->click Build path-->click Configure Build Path-->click Libraries tab-->click add external Jars. --> Add all selenium related jar files which you downloaded in step 3.

Step 11: Go to your package (testDemo)-->Right click testDemo-->Create new TestNg class.

Step 12: Right simple selenium webdriver script.

stpe 13: Right click anywhere in the script -->Run as-->TestNg class.

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