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Monday, June 9, 2014

Help roadside poor children : A DIEHARDTECHY initiative

Help roadside poor children is an initiative to make future INDIA better & 

educated by helping the children who are spending lives on roads 

collecting garbage. 

At DieHardTechy we understand the value of education and its future 

need to sustain the future of Indian Children.

Every child is a nation's asset. Education is every child's right. 

Technology is an effective tool. Project Help roadside poor children is an 

endeavor to connect these lines and empower the students with 

repeatable and easy-to-access educational content.

Initiated to enrich the entire ecosystem around the student, which 

includes parents and teachers, Project will raise a platform for the 

students to avail world class educational content.

We understand education is the only weapon we can use to fight 

with poverty which will result in powerful educated India. 

We understand this is a small step towards infinite sea, but together we all

can make this ultimate dream possible.

Join us by Clicking here . Please feel free to share and be a part of
something good. 

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