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Friday, October 10, 2014

Flipkart big billion day. What went wrong and what we should learn from it.

They named it as big billion day but many visitors named it as big fool day because of the unwanted performance issue and technical problems in the back end of flipkart application . 

Here is our point on what went wrong and what should we learn from it.

They deployed best of app servers , extend their system capabilities and work force to an extreme but an unfortunate show of technically unfeasible web application, no matter how decent front end of your web application looks but if the application back end is not strong outcome can be worse than big billion day as flipkat.Computers and computer science technology are the great resources and can bring you never imagined admiration. But if you don't respect technology they can make you stand in a situation where you never want to go.

But as the saying goes every breakdown bring some message/lesson associated with it, this crash of flipkart application is a best trigger for all fellow IT people, future technocrats and architects to learn, nurture and craft a system which will be sustainable even in the circumstances of extreme traffic or load.

I support flipkart for the dedication and confidence they have created; I can only imagine how many sleepless nights flipkart and their team have spent to bring it on a forefront. It takes unlimited patience, confidence and dedication to turn something big into reality. The bitter results are the best critics which teach us to learn and learn and push ourselves to the beyond.

P.S. this post is not a criticism of an e-commerce giant but a learning prospect for performance engineers, quality assurance engineers and classy developers, it is also a big business opportunity for independent software testing organizations.

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