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Monday, April 21, 2014

How do I prepare for the OCPJP 7 exam?

How do I prepare for the OCPJP 7 exam?

• Oracle’s free online Java tutorials: Access the Java tutorial at

• Java documentation: The Java API documentation is a mine of information. This documentation is available online (see is shipped as part of the Java SDK.
If you don’t have immediate Internet access, you may find javac’s -Xprint option handy.

To print the textual representation of String 
class, type the fully qualified name, as in javac -Xprint java.lang.String.This will print the list of members in String class in console.

• Code, code, code! Write lots and lots of small programs, experiment with them, and learn from your mistakes.
• Read, read, read! Read the tutorial and reference resources on Oracle’s site,

• Read, code, read, code! Cycle back and forth between your reading and coding so that your book knowledge and its practical application are mutually reinforcing. This way, you’ll not just know a concept, but you’ll also understand it.
• Focus most on the topics you’re least comfortable with. Grade yourself on each of the topics in OCPJP 7 exam on an ascending scale from 1 to 10. Do remedial preparation in all topics for which you rate yourself 8 or less.

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