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Saturday, March 22, 2014

How to be a productive fish in a big ocean? Way to more productive

You all must be wondering what does How to be a productive fish in a big ocean means? And how it is related to software profession ?

Here is the answer of the mystery.

People who work in a small companies are likely to have more work than those working in big companies. Call it an advantage as small companies give you opportunity to fine tune yourself, brush up your skills in starting year of your career.

To make a difference among an army of equally qualified professional you need to chose a path less traveled. 

Mantra of Think big is not gonna help you anymore, instead Think Smart will make all the differences. 

You need not to start everything from scratch, there are people who have developed tools for you.

5 best freely available tools which will definitely help you to stand out of a Zone meaning helping you to boost your productivity. 

1. Trust me every one loves Google.A name even every kids knows, google is the best search engine to get you everything you could expect from WEB.

If used with proper keywords Google can be the best thing providing 100% productivity. 

2. Notepad++ : Notepad++ helps you in many way, it comes with default plugins, more plugins can even be added after installation. 

Best features notepad++ offers are comparing two files, highlighting texts, direct search options, unit conversion etc, etc, etc. 

3. Win rar: There are several situation in a day when you have to send large files over the web resulting large time to upload and send.Win rar is a tool offering service to compress your large data in small file.

Whenever you have to send multiple files in one shot, it's always better and recommended to compress them before sending. 

4. Skype: Skype is the best online free video call cum instant messaging service. Sometimes writing an email is tedious job and takes lots of time. 
Skype can be best option for all who writes number of emails in a day.

Using skype you can save considerable amount of time which can be utilized in many other productive ways.

5. Microsoft outlook: Microsoft outlook is best application provided by Microsoft to manage your emails, you need not to log in again and again in your mail box. 

Outlook provides fairly simple yet effective way to manage emails, contacts, calender etc. Configure you outlook today and save your time. 

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