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Thursday, March 21, 2019

How to update jenkins in ubentu 7

  This simple guide is for people who are looking to update the jenkins in ubentu box without loosing the data. 

1.       Locate the jenkins.war in your system.
a.       Go to manage Jenkins --> system information --> it will tell you the location of Jenkins.war file.

  2.       Download the latest Jenkins.war and keep it in some folder.  Say /usr/lib/abc

  3.       stop the jenkins service sudo service jenkins stop

  4.       cd to location obtained from step 1. If you wish to back up the old     Jenkins.war
a.       backup the jenkins.war --> mv jenkins.war jenkins-bkup.war

  5.       Now copy the latest war from step 2 to old location.
a.       cd to folder where latest war is placed. Same as step 2
b.      cp jenkins.war /usr/jenkins/lib/jenkins.war [this is dummy path, please pass the exact path from step 1]

  6.       sudo service Jenkins start. 


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