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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Smartphones in range between 15500 to 18000 : Android/Window

In todays date smartphones are the need of everyone, be it student or professionals every one wants to connect with their friends on social networking applications like facebook, whatsapp, wechat, line, skype, instagram etc. 

Smart phone has it all, smartphone provides features like scanner, high definition video recording, connect to office through phone, pdf reader and much more ..

As smart phones are best at their work but they cost fancy too, for people who want to purchase mid range phone say 15500-18000 , choosing a smart phone can be a tedious job.

Well, you dont need to worry about it, we have compiled the list of best available phone in range starting from 15500 to 18000.

#1 Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini 

Samsung is a trusted and most loved brand as of date in India. Samsung offers smart phones with affordable prices & best look. Samsung Galaxy s4 mini is the phone which has all the features starting from latest version of android to support with all the app.

#2 Nokia Lumia 1320

Nokia's windows OS for mobile is what Nokia is most proud of. Nokia Lumia with Awesome look & features is an absolutely good choice for this money range. Lumia have interactive UI adding stars in its look. 

#3 BlackBerry Q5

Blackberry Q5 is for all those who want style with smart phone. A royal look with incomparable feature makes black berry stand out of queue.  Those who prefer keypad over touch screens, this phone is one they are looking for.

#4 HTC Desire SV

HTC Desire will always be in demand for its touch quality along with all the features which every other smart phone provides. A unique shape of phone makes HTC choice of thousand customers world wide.

#5 LG G Pro Lite D686

LG : LG g pro lite phone is slim, good looking , wide smart phone. Big in size with Android v4.1 (Jelly Bean) operating system LG is all the way right choice for your money . It has 1 GHz Dual Core processor with 8 Megapixel camera. 

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