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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Thomson reuters hiring Java developer


Company name: Thomson reuters

Experience : 2-4 years of java development experience
Location: Bangalore, IN
Title:Software Engineer

ID: JREQ012311

Required Skills:
  1. Core Java  Collections  Multi threading
  2. Spring Core  Data access  Transaction management 
  3. XML  Efficient parsing and serialization  Schema design and validation 
  4. JDBC  Explicit transaction handling  Connection pooling  Multithreaded database access 

Desirable skills: 
  1. Write efficient SQL queries using:  INNER, OUTER joins  GROUP BY  Aggregations  Oracle analytic functions  CLOB types and functions 
  2. Writing efficient PL/SQL procedures using:  Packages, procedures & functions  Cursors  User defined types  Collections  Bulk operations  LOB storage and manipulation  Error handling  PL/SQL debugging and tracing 
  3. Optimizing queries by:  Analysing execution plan  Creating indexes  Using Materialized Views 
Optional Skils:
  1.  Agile/Scrum Software development methodologies 
  2.  Agile project tracking with Jira/Greenhopper 
  3. Web services: REST, SOAP, WSDL 
  4. Configuration Management tools: Jira, Jenkins/Hudson, Maven experience 
  5. Search engines: Oracle Text, FAST, Solr 
  6. Secure hosting 
  7. Version Control: SVN, Git, Mercurial 
  8. Working with continuous integration environments 
  9. Eclipse IDE 
  10. Unix/Linux environments 
  11. BASH scripting 

Schedule: Full-time

Education Level: None

Job Type: Standard

Shift: Day Job

Job type: Technology Development Family Group

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